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Since 1988

William Maselli:
Criminal Defense

Whether you have been charged with OUI or Domestic Assault; Sex, Drugs, or Firearms allegations; or Fraud and other Financial crimes, no Maine attorney is better qualified to challenge the prosecution in State Court or Federal Court.

Attorney William Maselli is expert in Criminal Defense for any criminal charges up to and including Murder and Major Federal Conspiracy crimes. Only a great criminal trial lawyer can successfully resolve the most difficult cases, or take the case to a jury and win. If you are in need of Criminal Defense, accept nothing but the best.

All Criminal Cases in:

All State Courts;
United States District Court (Federal Court);
United States Courts of Appeals.

• Crimes of Violence including Assault and Murder
• Drug Crimes
• Criminal Motor Vehicle Crimes
• Contests of Extradition
• Appeals
• Domestic Violence
• Civil Drug and Alcohol Offenses
• White Collar Crime
• Probation Violations
• Property Crimes
• Gross Sexual Assault
• Sex Offences
• Shoplifting
• Petty Theft
• Stalking
• Harrassment
• Juvenile Criminal Matters
• Class A, B and C Felony
• Class D and E Misdemeanors


William Maselli, Attorney
“Unparalleled level of success in criminal trials in Federal and State Court since 1988.”